The Business of Sports Sponsorship: Who's using #SportsBiz on Twitter?

Have you ever been curious about the people who share your content? Ever noticed them adding messages or hashtags that are specific to their field or audience and wonder what it means?

Recently, our team has written a few articles on the sports industry and sponsorship deals within it and wanted to learn more about the hashtags our audience was adding to them when shared. 




As we do with all of our posts, we shared them on our Twitter feed. This is a new vertical for us to create content on, so it was interesting to watch who the content resonated with. When people started engaging with the posts, we saw that a fair amount of the shares, the hashtag #SMSports and/or #SportsBiz had been added to the tweet. We wanted to learn more about who was using these tags.

We ran an analysis of anyone using the two hashtags over the last 30 days to better understand our audience. The Affinio algorithm groups all the unique people who mentioned one or both hashtags, then segments them into tribes based on the individual's affinities and interests. Here are the results:


As you can see, it makes sense that these tribes would be using #SMSports and #SportsBiz. Because the 'Sports Biz Sponsorship' tribe is most relevant to the articles we produced, let's learn more about this community.

First of all, this is a particularly interesting tribe because of the high amount of shared interests and affinities. Also, it is an extremely interconnected tribe, suggesting that many of the members know each other (they follow each other).


To analyze further, let's find out the interests of this tribe, how they self-describe in their bio keywords, the other hashtags that they use regularly and the content that resonates with them.

Top 200 Relevant Accounts


Top 10 Bio Keywords

  1. #SportsBiz
  2. Sales
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Athletics
  5. Marketing
  6. Alum
  7. Director
  8. Entertainment
  9. Tweets
  10. Professional

Top 10 Hashtags Used by Members of this Tribe

  1. #nacma15
  2. #nacda15
  3. #sponsorship
  4. #smports
  5. #usopen
  6. #stanleycup
  7. #shebelieves
  8. #uswnt
  9. #periscope
  10. #marketing

Top Shared Links within this Tribe

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Reviewing this data allows us to understand and learn more about the culture of the tribe that showed interest in our articles. Having this data allows us to better understand our audience, why they are interested in certain posts and what we could produce in the future that would resonate with them. 

As an example, we noticed that #Periscope was in their Top 10 Hashtags and that #SportsBiz is a top bio keywords. To learn more about how this community is using Periscope, we could analyze the content of anyone on Twitter that has the bio keyword #sportsbiz and mentioned #periscope. It could be an interesting insight into how the Sports Sponsorship world is using Twitter's live streaming app.

If you would like to understand the hashtags that your audience uses when sharing your content, get in touch! We'd love to help you further understand your audience.