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Unprecedented Audience Coverage


Roughly 90% of a social audience does not engage regularly. This means that existing tools can only analyze and extract insights from the vocal minority.

Affinio's award-winning technology enables us to extract deep psychographic insights from the Social DNA profiles of any audience, providing the first holistic view into the tribes and worlds your customers live in.

Available Networks:
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest with more in development



Segment Any Audience

A social audience is a melting pot of people who all have different interests, affinities, and buying potential. The best way to understand an audience and the people within it is to segment them into tribes of like minded people.

Affinio segments any social audience by analyzing the interests, affinities, and social connections of each user to develop a social DNA profile for every user. Once these social DNA profiles are developed, we group people with high affinity to one another, allowing you to understand your entire audience - not just the small percentage of it that post, comment, or share content.

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Psychographic insights for digital strategists

Understand Your Entire Audience

Psychographic insights are the key to understanding what an audience cares about most. These insights include the personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle of a person — everything you need to know to create compelling and engaging strategy.

Affinio extracts the most relevant and influential people, accounts, websites, links, topics, hashtags, and opinions and presents them in an easy to understand and actionable way.


Content Analysis + Recommendation

Discover and measure the content that your target audience cares about most. In the past, content performance was measured by likes and shares, but how do you know that the right people share your content?

Affinio identifies the content, hashtags, mentions, domains, and conversations that matter most to each audience segment, ensuring you always know what your customers care about most, even if they don't mention it.

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Digital Media Planning + Twitter Advertising

Media Planning

Affinio analyzes the social profiles of any audience to extract the detailed insights needed to inform media planning on search, display, and social.

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Twitter Ads

Affinio's lookalike modelling allows you to target people with high affinity to your ideal customer on Twitter.

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Target tribes of like minded people using Affinio

Influence means many things to many people, but at Affinio it means “who do the members of a tribe care about most?”. We analyze and score influencers on each niche tribe ensuring you always know who truly matters to each.

Audience Affinities

Affinio can find the high affinity brands, bloggers, websites, celebrities, and internet stars within any social audience.

We do this by analyzing the Social DNA profiles of each person to understand what each tribe cares about most.

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Affinio Funnel that help Affinio drive winning RFPs, informs killer briefs, and empowers the best creatives.

Audience Monitoring + Reporting

We offer daily, weekly, or monthly updates to ensure you're always reacting to your audience at the speed of culture.

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